Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to the frequently asked questions

Q: Where did you learn to draw?

A: I've been drawing all my life, but with many breaks due to big life events. I'm self taught using free online tutorials and resources made by wonderful artists giving of their time. The key was making the sacrifice to art a little bit everyday (but take care of yourself and don't get repetitive stress injuries).

Q: What tools, programs, or materials do you use?

A: I use a variety of mediums depending on the project. For standalone art which will likely not be edited, watercolor and pencil are my prefered traditional painting mediums. For comics (which require consistency and speed) and childrens book illustrations (which pass through directors and sometimes require a lot of editing), I use Photoshop CC to create my final digital art. I used to use iPad Pro with Procreate (which I still use for beginning concepts and sketching) but have recently graduated to using a Cintiq! And, oh boy, it is worth it.

Q: Can I use your art/ post it on my website/ or sell it?

A: My art is free for public viewing as long as you notify and credit me as the original artist with a link to my website and/or social media. Under no circumstances can you try to sell or profit from my artwork or use it to spread hate. Nonprofit charities and educational institutions can contact me for free use.

Q: Can I contact you to do free artwork?

A: At this point in time I don't do any artwork free of cost though I might consider a nonprofit I am particularly close or indebted to. That said, please contact me about any contests, fanart festivals, conventions, monthly themes, or other such fun things that get the creative juices flowing and would be fun to participate in as part of a group.