Carrie is a freelance illustrator.

Broken Butterfly Wings

This story is inspired by the tropical rainforest El Yunque in northeastern Puerto Rico. Written by Raquel M. Ortiz

Arte P├║blico Press, University of Houston 2021

Odin: Hero Dog of the Fires

The true story of a dog who, during a wildfire that ravished Northern California, chose to remain and guard his trip of eight goats. Written by Emma Smith

West Margin Press June 2020.

Where did Panther Go?

Katie and Panther are best friends. What can Katie do when Panther is lost? Written by Vivian Zabel.

A 2018 Literary Classics Book Award Finalist
Literary Classic Golden Seal



"Girl and her pet" published within the Fall 2020 Fourth Edition of Ursa Minor, Punctuated Equilibrium