Spearfinger receives Amazon honor

June 24, 2017

Spearfinger, one of the first bilingual English - Cherokee children's books, is Amazon's #1 New Release in Children's American Folk Tales & Myths!

Spearfinger #1 New Release

Work Doodles and More

July 20, 2016

At work is has been hard to concentrate after the explicit attack on the Latinx, LGBTQ+ community in Orlando. I doodled this thinking about some art to pay homage.

stand with orlando

New watercolor of ballet feet en pointe.

stand with orlando

world events ballet


Bay Area Book Festival

June 4, 2016

I beat the crowds and attended a lecture - the best an introvert could do! As always, I was that creepy person sketching you in the front row.

These are of Gary Bogue and Chuck Todd who write/illustrate books about CA wildlife and of the family-duo of Dannie and Charles Hobson. Their children's books are available through HeyDey Books.

bay area book fest sketches

berkeleycreeper sketcher